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Each person we meet has a different story, each person has a different gift, and God loves each person. Let us share our gifts of service, reaching out to spread God’s love in the world around us. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our mission programs and upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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The Missions Committee's purpose is to encourage the people of Aledo United Methodist Church (AUMC) to contribute with their gifts, talents, and services, as God moves them to participate. They offer assistance to help people participate in or initiate mission work. 

The Missions Committee is a group of volunteers from our congregation who assist with planning and financing our mission and outreach work. They provide direction toward NEW mission opportunities and monitor ACTIVE mission activities. The Missions Committee is responsible and accountable for the Missions and Outreach fund; they make decisions on how funds are dispersed and encourage participation subject to procedures.


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to be an active person in mission. If you require financial assistance as an individual or know of someone who does in order to participate in mission work please complete THIS FORM and email it to the Committee Chairperson Chad McRee at cbmcree214@gmail.com or Vice Chairperson Ken Fogelberg at fogelhound@gmail.com.



If you are a member of AUMC and know of a mission-driven activity, you may request support. With the exception of emergency funding requirements, requests for funding are reviewed and voted on by the missions committee at the next regularly scheduled meeting,  these meetings are held every other month. 

Meeting schedule 2023:

November 15th, 7pm

Meeting schedule 2024:

Jan 24th

March 20th

May 15th

July 17th

September 18th

November 20th

Those requesting support for a mission are asked to complete the Request for Funding for Missions or Outreach Program/Project form found at the bottom of this page. The form should be emailed to the committee Chairperson at least two weeks before a scheduled committee meeting (see above).

Once the form has been received the chairperson will contact you to arrange a meeting during which you will have the opportunity to expand on your application and share your vision with the Mission Committee.  If you do not hear anything within three business days, please contact Chad McRee or Ken Fogelberg to check on the status of the request.

During your presentation please be prepared to give more specific details.  You may be asked to: explain how you became aware of the mission and its needs, detail how the requested funds will be used, lay out the timeline and length of the mission, clarify the logistical requirements associated with the mission, and give details on how the mission will be executed. In most circumstances, the Missions Committee will make a decision by the end of the meeting at which you gave your presentation.

Request forms and questions may be addressed to the Committee Chairperson Chad McRee at cbmcree214@gmail.com or Vice Chairperson Ken Fogelberg at fogelhound@gmail.com.

If completing the form online please note there is a prompt to attach a file for the detailed breakdown of the amount requested.

Click here for helpful directions on how to complete the form. 

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